Sanitary articles

Our range includes sanitary fittings, valves and accessories that are available in a variety of designs to fulfil the individual wishes of our customers. Our partner factories manufacture to the latest industry standards to ensure the outstanding quality and precision of our products.

Over 50 years of success in the Near and Middle East

HESANIT® sanitary products have been successfully established in the Near and Middle East for over 50 years. Our brand has been registered in Germany since 1960 and in Saudi Arabia since 1996. This long history and our strong presence in these markets testify to the high quality and reliability of our products.

Modern production techniques and the highest quality standards

Our partner factories utilise the latest standards and most advanced technology to guarantee the best quality and high precision. Every HESANIT® product is manufactured under strict quality controls to meet the demands of our customers.

Diverse product range always on trend

The HESANIT® product range includes a wide selection of taps, which are manufactured in a modern or traditional design depending on the trend.

Innovation and tradition for first-class sanitary solutions

Organisation and service from the company headquarters in Hamburg

Shipments, marketing and all other organisational aspects are coordinated centrally from our company headquarters in Hamburg. An experienced team ensures smooth processing and reliable service. Our aim is to offer our customers a first-class and worry-free service.

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For more information and a comprehensive overview of our products, visit the HESANIT® website. Discover the variety and quality of our sanitary products and find out more about our commitment to outstanding products and excellent service.